Different ways to use a Food Processor-Review

Hey guys, I know many of you are wondering how I manage to cook such delicious recipes even in lockdown. As we are burdened with a lot of housework due to the lockdown, we hardly get time to make some lavish food which requires a lot of chopping, kneading, slicing, etc. Today, I will be discussing all the different ways to use a Food processor which will be a lot of help in your kitchen.

Sliced and grated vegetables  in a food processor, one of the different ways to use a food processor
Sliced and grated vegetables in a food processor

Before a few days, my mixer-grinder had broken down. And here’s what I discovered while looking for a new mixer-grinder online. I checked out a lot of food processors that had multiple features in one single machine.

The food processors consist of many features like chopping, slicing, kneading dough, juicer, along with separate jars for mixer-grinder.

The food processors also do not occupy any large space in your kitchen. It can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen. Also, it is very easy to clean the food processor after using it. You can clean it with our regular dishwashing liquid soap and a soft sponge.

This has been one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

Let me now discuss all the features of the Food Processor

Three different jars for mixing, grinding and milk shakes
Mixing, grinding and milkshake jar

Prepare meals using Food Processor

The food processor comes with a total of four jars out of which two are mixer-grinder jars used to prepare your regular chutneys, purees, grinding batters like a dosa batter.

chopping jar
Chopping Jar

The third jar is used to make milkshakes and the fourth one is used for chopping, slicing and grating.

Food Processors blades used for slicing, grating, and french fries
Food Processor blades

How to use food-processor blades

The food processor has 3 different blades out of which one of the blades is used for finely slicing and grating food, the second one is used for a thicker slicing and grating of food and the third one is for making French fries.

Chopped Onions in food processor, one of the different ways to use a food processor
Chopped Onions
slicing cabbage, one of the different ways to use a food processor
Sliced Cabbage in a Food Processor

How to use a food processor to chop and slice vegetables

The food processor also has a chopper for chopping vegetables. The chopper cuts the vegetables evenly to make a perfect salad dish or for any recipe which requires perfect finely chopped vegetables. The slicing of the veggies is also perfect.

The slicing blade perfectly slices the cabbage for the cabbage subzi. You can also slice perfect thick or thin onions, tomatoes, and cucumber slices for your sandwich.

Food Processor uses for Indian Cooking

The food processor has a very interesting feature for kneading dough. This is the best feature and very helpful especially for an Indian kitchen. I have made dough for theplas, parathas and chapatis.

It saves a lot of time and energy. I have managed to knead a dough for 25 theplas in just 5 minutes. A 1000 watt food processor is perfect for an Indian kitchen.

How to knead a dough with food processor

thepla dough with addes spices and oil
Thepla dough with Spices

Add the dough, salt, oil, and also if you want to add some spices in the food processor jar and then turn on the knob for 9-10 seconds to mix all the ingredients well. Then add some water in the jar and again turn on the knob. DO not add all the water on one go.

Process of kneading dough shown in the video

Slowly, the dough will get collected together and it will start churning in the food processor for kneading. The dough is ready within 4-5 minutes. And the texture and quality of dough is better than the one kneaded by hand.

Juicer blade for a food Processor
Juicer blades for a food processor

How to prepare fruit Juices using a food processor

The food processor also has 2 different blades for making juices. The two juicer blades are used for making different types of fruit juices. You have to choose the blade according to the fruit for making the juice.

So, this has been one of my best kitchen appliances to date. The food processor lessens a lot of your kitchen work and saves a lot of time and energy. This has been a savior for me in the lockdown.

Please have a look at the Demo on How to use a Food Processor by clicking the below link.

You can have a look at a lot of recipes from my previous posts which requires chopping, slicing, and grating. you can make the best use of the food processor by using all the different ways to use a food processor.


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