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Kitchen Knife set with a peeler
Kitchen Knives and Peeler

I had recently purchased this kitchen knife set from Amazon. Well, I wasn’t looking for a big chef’s knife. The knife should a strong grip and should be easy to handle while cutting and chopping vegetables.

This small kitchen knife set was just perfect for me. It was reasonably priced and does a great job while slicing, cutting and chopping.

It is a chopping board knife. The blades of the knife are sharp and can be only used for cutting vegetables on chopping board. We cannot touch the blades by hands as they are too sharp.

The Kitchen knife set comes with 4 different types of knives and a peeler. Each knife has its features and is used for a different purpose. I will be discussing the features of each knife with all the details further.

Utility Knife
Utility Knife
  1. Utility Knife: This knife is a multi-purpose knife and is used for chopping, slicing and cutting of vegetables and fruits.
Small Size Utility Knife used for chopping small green chilies, salad etc.
Small Size Utility Knife

2. Small-size Utility Knife: This knife is used for cutting tiny vegetables like green chillies, salad etc.

Bread Knife is used for slicing bread
Bread Knife

3. Bread Knife: We often find it difficult to cut perfect slices of Bread. A bread knife is a special knife used for cutting bread slices, sides of the bread and Pav. The blade of the bread knife is sharp and cuts the edges of the bread or slices of Bread neatly.

Curve Shaped Knife

4. Curve-Shaped Knife: This knife has curves on its blades. It is mainly used for slicing salad for salad dressing. It gives a beautiful shape to the salad and vegetables which appears nice and presentable.


5. Peeler: The peeler in the knife set has sharp blades and peels the vegetables neatly. You can peel carrots, potatoes, cucumber and a lot more vegetables. Also, it makes your job easy and quick.

Overall the Kitchen knife set is amazing and also reasonably priced. It is perfect for anyone who uses a chopping board. Moreover, it has sharp blades, strong grip and is easy to handle.

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