Table Top Wet Grinder – A unique Kitchen Appliance

If you are a true Dosa and Idli fan, you must have a look at the Table Top Wet GrinderA unique Kitchen Appliance. This is a worth buy product for every Indian Kitchen. It is not only useful for making Dosa and Idli Batters, but also some other batters like Green Moong Dal Batter for Pessarrattu Dosa or for the Gujarati Dal Vada (mug ni dal Bhajia) and also Medu Vadas. It is only for wet ingredients which means for soaked pulses or Rice.

Best Table Top Wet Grinder in India in 2020

I am using this product for the past two months and am truly satisfied with the way it functions. I no longer have to grind the batter in a mixer-grinder in small batches. Also, I get a good quantity and quality of batter, In a grinder, the Dal and Rice are finely ground.

Elgi Ultra Wet Grinder

Spatula with the Table Top wet grinder
Attachment for cleaning the stones of wet grinder
Attachment for cleaning the stones

I have bought the Elgi Ultra-Dura Table Top Wet Grinder for 1.25 litres with the motor wattage of 85 Watts. It is just a perfect fit for my kitchen. The best thing about it is that it occupies very less space in the kitchen as it is Compaq in size. This is the smallest size among the table-top wet grinders. It comes along with a spatula and cleaning equipment on which you can place the stones and clean them.

Best Wet Grinder for Indian cooking in USA

Even for Indians staying abroad in countries like USA, UK or any other country, the product is worth buy as the Batters are not easily available there. They can easily make the Idli-Dosa batter at home as it requires very few ingredients. Also, the product is light in weight and easy to clean.

Conical Stones of Table Top Wet Grinder
Conical Stones

The quality of the product is good and can be cleaned easily. The stones provided in the wet grinder are conical in shape which helps in cleaning it easily. You need to wash the stones and the Grinder drum after use with soap and water.

Things to keep in mind while using the Wet-Grinder

  • The total time it takes for grinding the batter is approximately 35-40 minutes.
  • Grind the Dal and Rice separately. For good results put the Rice first and then Dal.
  • Do not run the grinder empty for more than one minute. Always put some water before grinding the Dal or Rice.
  • Never keep the grinder upside down after cleaning it.
  • Always remove the chord after grinding.
  • Keep it away from the heat sources.
  • You can also check the instruction manual as they have specifically explained about the product.
  • The quantity of Rice and Dal you can add in a 1.25 litre grinder is
  • 180 gms of Idli Rice
  • 180 gms of Dal

Also, you can use Ukda Chaval (par-boiled rice) which is easily available in any local store for best results.

The Wet-grinder also comes with attachments like Atta Kneader and Coconut Scraper at an extra cost.

Also, do checkout my link for the Recipe of Dosa Batter from the below link

The Wet- Grinder comes in different sizes. You can Purchase the product as per the quantity of batter you desire to make.

This is not a Paid Promotion.

Below is a detailed video in which I have explained about the grinder for grinding the batter as well as the cleaning process. Please click the link below to watch the video.

Demo For Grinding the dough in the video

How to choose Wet Grinders Please check out the link below for the wet grinder from where I have purchased it and do buy it from the link as I get a share in a way of small amount of commission through it.

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