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Best Places to visit in Diu

Best Places to visit in Diu

Diu is one of the beautiful Union Territories of India known for its Beaches and Beautiful Sunsets. I will be discussing the Best Places to visit in Diu in this blog post. 

Diu Fort

Diu Fort - one of the Best places in Diu

Well, the very first place I would recommend visiting in Diu is the DIU FORT. It is one of the Best Places to visit in Diu. The Diu Fort is very huge and you can see some beautiful sea views from here. It is a great spot to click some beautiful pictures. We spent at least an hour at this place admiring the beauty of the sea. You can explore the Diu Fort in Day Time. They also conduct a light and sound show at the Fort. During our visit, the light and sound show was not conducted. So, you can enquire about the Show and its timings before your visit.

INS Khukhri Memorial


The next Place you must visit in Diu is the INS Khukhri Memorial. This is also one of the best places you can visit in Diu. This place is known for watching the Sunsets. It is a huge place built in memory of the ship that sank in the war of 1971. Also, you get the best sea views and beautiful sunsets from this place. It is a huge and spacious place where you can easily spend an hour. It is a peaceful place where you can sit and spend some time. 

Ghoghla Beach

GHOGHLA BEACH - Blue Flag beach

Ghoghla Beach is one of the Blue Flag Beaches of India located in Diu. It is a clean and well-maintained beach. It is one of the best beaches I have visited in India. Also, there are some Water Sports Activities on the Beach like Jet Ski which you can enjoy. There is also a small kids park near the Beach. You can spend a fun evening with your family and friends relaxing and watching the beautiful sea at this Beach.

Nagoa Beach 

Nagao Beach - Popular beach in Diu

This Beach is one of the popular beaches in Diu. The luxury Beach Resorts of Diu are mostly located near Nagoa Beach. Also, there are a lot of food stalls near the Nagoa beach where you can sit and have a variety of food. Nagoa Beach also is popular for its water sports activities. You can enjoy food, water sports activities or also stay in the luxury resorts near the Beach at Nagoa Beach. It is one of the popular places in Diu with a lot of activities.

The above-mentioned places are some of the amazing and best places to visit in Diu. You can visit these beautiful places during your stay in Diu. If you are looking for a stay in Diu, you can refer to my blog post HERE.

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Have a look at a detailed video with a tour of all the places to visit in Diu below

Places to Visit in Diu

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