Chikoo Festival Bordi 2020

Chikoo Festival, Bordi

Just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai city in India, Bordi, Dahanu is a small town with a large number of production of Chikoo. Chikoo is a famous fruit grown in large quantities in India.

The festival of chikoo is celebrated because it plays a significant role in the economy of Dahanu and chikoo is produced in large numbers, here. The festival is celebrated to grow the business of locals staying in Dahanu.

An array of Palm Trees in Dahanu

Dahanu is located in northern Maharashtra’s Coastline. So, the place is surrounded by beautiful beaches and palm trees.

The chikoo festival is celebrated every year in the month of January or February for two days. This year the festival was held on the 1st and 2nd February 2020 near Bordi Beach. There is no entry fee for the festival.

Folk Dance by the Locals

There are various fun activities and cultural shows put up by locals to make the festival lively and attractive for the visitors. The villagers do a lot of effort to entertain visitors.

We visited the event at around 11:00 a.m. in the morning. There was ample parking for a nominal charge of Rs. 20/- organized for the convenience of the visitors.

Dhol-Tasha performed by the villagers

There was a dhol(drums) performance by the locals which was awesome. There were almost 25-30 dholis playing the dhol (drums) in sync. The dholis were a mix of teenage boys and girls.

It was an amazing experience to listen to traditional music played by the locals.

They had various traditional performances like folk dance, dance by the local kids, magic show, singing traditional melodies and a lot more goes on for the whole day.

The food-stalls available served sumptuous food. They had everything from Pizza to the local Maharashtrian cuisine Vada Pav and zunka bhakar.

Chikoo Pickle and Chikoo Mukhwas
Chikoo Kulfi
Chikoo Chocolates

They had a lot of exhibits selling different local products which were mostly produced from chikoo like Chikoo sweets, Chikoo Chocolates, Chikoo Barfi, Chikoo Mukhwas(mouth freshener), Chikoo Ice-cream, Chikoo Kulfi, and bunches of the chikoo fruit.

Warli Art handicrafts

The stalls also had products with the famous warli painting as there are many people from the Warli tribe staying in Dahanu.

Warli Art Handicrafts

They had amazing handmade wooden products like showpieces, tea coasters, key-stands, mobile-stands, etc.

The exhibit displayed a lot of local products like handbags, Jewellery, floor-mats, and various other local products.

The local villagers had also organized several activities for the visitors like the

Chikoo run: This was a marathon run organized by the locals.

Chikoo Safari: This safari was a paid tour for the price of Rs. 300 where they will take the participants to a chikoo farm to have a better insight into the production of chikoo.

Chikoo winery tour: Paid Activity for Rs.300.

Painting Workshop at Chikoo Festival, Bordi
Paintings Sold at the Chikoo Festival, Bordi

Painting Workshop

Workshops in the Chikoo Festival, Bordi

Pottery Workshop

Local Games

Local Games

And several other activities were organized to entertain the visitors for the whole day.

Bordi Beach

Bordi Beach: You can also spend some time on the beach after your visit to the Chikoo Festival. 

Jumping Jacks and Trampoline for kids on the Beach
ATV on the Beach

There are a few activities for kids like the Jumping Jacks, trampoline. There were ATV rides on the beach for the kids and adults.

You can spend some time over the beach by enjoying the beautiful sea-view and play with your kid’s building sand-castles.

Places to Stay in Dahanu:

There are limited resorts to stay nearby as it is a small village. I will list a few good resorts nearby

Treat Beach Resort and Spa:

Located near the Bordi station road, this is a fun family resort with all the facilities and amenities like a restaurant, swimming pool, kids play area, indoor games, spa, and recreation.

Hill Zill Resort: This is a resort with a few facilities like a restaurant and a swimming pool.

Overall, the Bordi Chikoo festival is worth a visit to experience the rural culture of India and to also encourage the Indian small-scale industry. It is a great platform for the local villagers to show their talent and grow their business.

So, if you want to experience the festival next year it will be held on 6th and 7th February, 2021. So, save the dates and have a spectacular experience of the local village in India.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a well organized festival details near by Mumbai. Your shared pictures depicts beach is also a point of attraction. Will definitely try to visit next time.

    1. The next chikoo festival is on 6th and 7th February 2021. You have options to stay in Treat Beach Resort and Spa and Hill Zill Resort. I recommend to make prior bookings as there are limited options and the resorts get sold out during the chikoo festival.

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