Gujarati Thali & More AT SAMRAT, MUMBAI

Samrat Restaurant is the most preferred restaurant for vegetarians in Town. They are known for their Authentic Gujarati Thali and North Indian Food.

Samrat Restaurant-Serves Gujarati Thali in the Restaurant
Samrat Restaurant-Mumbai

This place is running since 1972 and is very popular in Mumbai. Situated near Churchgate Station in Mumbai, this restaurant is a must-visit for Authentic Gujarati Thali and Vegetarian North Indian Food. The food served here is delicious and they have a lot of options and varieties for both the cuisines. 

Chhundo one of the Gujarati pickle served in the restaurant as it is known for its Gujarati Thali
Chhundo-Gujarati Pickle

It is known for its Special Gujarati Thali. They also serve individual Gujarati items if you do not want to have the whole Thali. There is a separate Mini Thali meal for kids too. They serve us with some sliced onions, mint chutney, and pickles. They also serve the popular Gujarati pickle chhundo with the meals. The mint chutney here is tangy and sweet which tastes excellent.

The Gujarati Thali at Samrat Restaurant
Gujarati Thali at Samrat Restaurant

The Gujarati Thali comprises of 3 subzis, Dal, Kadhi, Puri, Thepla, Roti, Rice Pulav, lachko dal, Buttermilk, Papad, Chutneys, salad, 2 Farsan items, 2 sweets. Well, on the weekdays they may have lesser items in Thali though that will vary in price as compared to the weekend which will have some additional options. My favourite in the Thali is the Gujarati Dal which we usually have in Gujarati weddings. They also serve Rice with Ghee and Lachko Dal which just tastes delicious.

Pickles, mint Chutney and onions served with the meals at Samrat Restaurant in Mumbai
Salad and Pickle served with meals

They also have a lot of varieties in North Indian Food, From Appetisers, Main Course to Desserts you have a lot of options to choose from. The North Indian Food is also equally tasty and delicious.

Paneer Butter Masala at Samrat Restaurant
Paneer Butter Masala
Cheese Chili Balls at Samrat Restaurant
Cheese Chili Balls-Appetiser
Samosa Chaat at SAmrat Restaurant
Samosa Chaat

The food served was hot and fresh. The portions of the food were also good enough.

Cheese Garlic Naan at Samrat Restaurant
Cheese Garlic Naan
Butter Kulcha at Samrat Restaurant
Butter Kulcha

Also, the Indian Bread like Cheese Garlic Naan, Kulchas and Butter Rotis were served hot. The service here is quick and prompt. 

The staff was courteous and attentive. They had a sanitizer placed near the gate due to pandemic and also all the staff were wearing a mask while serving.

The Restaurant has two levels
Samrat Restaurant, Mumbai

Well, the restaurant is huge which is divided into 2 levels. So, they have a huge seating area to accommodate their guests. They also have banquet halls for organizing parties.

Overall, Samrat is a good option to go to savour some Authentic Gujarati Food and also some delicious North Indian Food for Vegetarians.

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There is a small little Bakery 210 Degrees, Churchgate located inside the Restaurant campus. They serve Pure Vegetarian products like Puffs, Fresh Bread and a lot more. Do read my blog post for a detailed information about the bakery

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