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Silvassa itinerary/Places to visit in Silvassa/Resorts in Silvassa

Silvassa itinerary/Places to visit in Silvassa/Resorts in Silvassa

In this blog post, I will be writing down some of the best places to visit in Silvassa and resorts in Silvassa. I will be sharing all the information which will help you plan your Silvassa itinerary for your trip.

Well, Silvassa has been a lesser-known weekend getaway among tourists. It is a very beautiful city and is worth visiting the place for a refreshing weekend trip. There are a lot of resorts to stay in Silvassa with a lot of food options, amenities and comfortable rooms. Also, all the places to visit in Silvassa are surrounded by lush greenery and are very beautiful.

Places to Visit in Silvassa

Dudhani Lake..Best places to visit in Silvassa
Dudhani Lake
  • Dudhani Lake : Well this lake was a bit of a surprise for me. Dudhni lake in Silvassa is one of the best places to visit in Silvassa. We had been here for 2 hours and enjoyed the Boat Ride. The Boat here is like a Shikara. You can sit and relax on a Shikara with the beautiful and scenic views of the lake. The Dudhani Lake is very clean and has some beautiful scenic views for good photography.
Butterfly Park- places to visit in Silvassa
Butterfly Park

  • Butterfly Garden: Well, due to Covid restrictions the Butterfly park was closed during my visit. I clicked some pictures from the Gate. The Park seemed to be filled with a lot of greenery.
Lion Safari Park in Silvassa
Lion Safari Park
  • Lion Safari Park: The Lion Safari park was also closed due to covid restrictions. We just had a glimpse of the Entrance from outside the gate.
Nilachal Vedic Village near Silvassa
Isckon Farm (Nilachal Vedic Village)
  • Isckon Farm (Nilachal Vedic Village)

 This is another place near Silvassa which is filled with beautiful farms and lush greenery all around. Isckon farm is managed by the Isckon Temple Juhu in Mumbai. It is located in Talasari in Maharashtra which is approximately 20 minutes from Silvassa. YOu can watch a detailed video on the above link.

 You can visit this place for a day tour which offers a lot of activities like farm tours, nature walks. They also have a temple inside. The temple had a very peaceful vibe.

     Well, you can plan a whole day for your visit to Isckon Farm by booking the Day Tours in which they offer a lot of activities. You can visit their website https://iskconnvv.com/ for details on the Day Tours.

Nilachal Vedic Village also has a guest house for stay if you are planning to stay overnight. The Guesthouse is very well maintained and also has a swimming pool. The rooms were also very spacious. You can check all the details on their website mentioned before.

You can read a detailed blog post on Isckon Nilachal Vedic Village in the below link


  • Parsi Dairy Farm:
Parsi Dairy Farm in Talassari near Silvassa
Parsi Dairy Farm

Parsi Dairy Farm is located in Talasari, Maharashtra which is approximately 30 minutes from Silvassa. You can visit here during your visit to Silvassa. This is a fun place to visit with your family. The Parsi Farm is a small place with a sweet shop, a restaurant, farm animals and a kids park. I like to have all the Dairy Products like Lassi, Kulfi Ice Cream, paneer pakoda and some mouth-watering sweets. You can also take away a lot of stuff like paneer, sweets. My next blog post will have detailed information about Parsi Dairy Farm. Watch a detailed video on Parsi Dairy Farm below


Well, there are a few luxury family resorts in Silvassa which are perfect for your weekend getaway. I will list down some of the popular resorts in Silvassa below.


Khanvel Resorts 


Khanvel Resort is one of the oldest resorts in Silvassa. It is a huge and spacious property with a lot of facilities and amenities. Also, the Rooms in the resorts are very spacious and suitable for families. They have a swimming pool, lounge area, indoor games, play park for kids. 

They are also known for their food. The food served here at Khanvel resorts is delicious. They have a huge variety of food in their buffet meals and Breakfast Buffet. 

We had a stay with a food package in this resort. It was a good and fun stay. I will be writing a detailed blog post about the resort further.

Gulmohar Suites by Khanvel Resorts


This is another huge and spacious property by Khanvel Resorts. The resort has some unique amenities like mini-golf, a small water park, and an indoor play area for young kids. They also have huge banquet halls for organizing events and parties.

Treat Beach Resort

This is one of the newly built luxury resorts in Silvassa. The resort is also huge with a lot of amenities and facilities. They have luxury rooms in the resort. 


This is one of the oldest resorts in Silvassa offering good amenities and facilities. You can spend your weekend amid nature and lush greenery with your family in the resort. 

You can book your choice of Resorts from the below link to get best deals.


Overall, Silvassa is a beautiful place and a hidden gem near Mumbai to spend your weekends.There are a lot of activities and places to visit in Silvassa. You can plan a 3 day trip to Silvassa to visit all the places to see and also enjoy your time in the luxury resorts.

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